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The Truth about 1986:

Superman was revamped but Zod wasn’t introduced in the issue. That was the end of the movie, Man of Steel.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1987:

  • The Justice League of America title wasn’t doing so hot and was in need of a makeover. So the current JLA who was comprised of mostly minor characters (that’s what the book says but Gypsy, Vibe, Steel, and Vixen are all major to me) against Professor Ivo. This match ended with the deaths of Gypsy and Vixen also also the current incarnation of the JLA.
  • With the old JLA gone, the new Justice League took their place. The book went a different path than grim and gritty like Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the many of imitators. This book was like a Superhero sitcom. The teams first roster included: Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Batman, Guy Gardner, Dr. Fate, Mr. Miracle, Dr. Light and Blue Beetle with Fire and Ice joining later and all backed by the manipulative Maxwell Lord.
  • On a quest to stop the terrorist Qayin, Batman made a truce with Ra’s al Ghul. During this time Batman gave into his feelings with Talia, Ra’s daughter. However when the truce ended Batman went on his way and Talia found out that she was pregnant with his son, Damian in the book Batman: Son of the Demon.
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Is Ferguson Feeding on the Poor? City Disproportionately Stops, Charges and Fines People of Color | Democracy Now! ›

As the police killing of Michael Brown has focused global attention on the racial divide in the counties in and surrounding St. Louis, Missouri, a new report may explain why residents’ mistrust of the police runs so deep. It shows how a large part of the revenue for these counties comes from fines paid by African-American residents who are disproportionately targeted for traffic stops and other low-level offenses. In Ferguson, the fines and fees are actually the city’s second-largest source of income, which is expected to generate $2.7 million in fiscal year 2014. We speak with Thomas Harvey, executive director of ArchCity Defenders and co-author of their new report, which has been widely cited — including in a stunning chart in Monday’s New York Times that shows how Ferguson issued on average nearly three warrants per household last year — the highest number of warrants in the state, relative to its size. “What my clients have told me since the first day I’ve ever represented anybody is, this is not about public safety, it’s about the money,” Harvey says. We also hear about the impact of the police harassment and ticketing from George Fields, who was among the local residents lined up for Michael Brown’s funeral on Monday in St. Louis.

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My name is Danica Williams. I’m the fastest girl alive.

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"When they don’t think I’m watching, they do the funniest things. They are always dancing together. I found them in the kitchen yesterday, pretending to cook."
"What’s your greatest worry as a parent?"
"Their health. They’re always getting sick from the cold and the dust. Sometimes the dust gets so bad, they lose their voices."

(Nairobi, Kenya)

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Epica Pukkelpop 2014 aftermovie

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So this happened: Famous giant panda fakes pregnancy, gets nice things

10 incredible hotels in Bali you won’t believe under $50 ›

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The children killed in Gaza during 50 days of conflict ›

As a ceasefire is agreed after 50 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights has compiled a list of 504 children killed in Gaza, comprising almost quarter of the total Palestinian dead

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Title: Sunshine of Your Love Artist: Cream 668 plays


ive been waiting so long, to be where im going, in the sunshine of your looooooovveeeeeee

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IDF Hamas Human Shield Manual a Sloppy Forgery - The Evidence [UPDATED August 8th] ›


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So I want to help calm people down and stuff, so here’s a bird appreciation post.


Look how colorful this one is


This one is so pretty






Emus are so weird I love them 


Kiwi birds are adorable 




This one looks angry


Majestic as fuck


Just, BIRDS! 

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Arthur Sarnoff

How to make a grilled cheese sandwich

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Hudson bay wolves (Canis lupus hudsonicus) by joke kok

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