Netanyahu draws line in the sand at UN ›

Nice diagram. Be sure to pay up the kid who drew it.

Oh, here are two of the responses to this:

noproblem 4 hours ago

Netanyahu is an absolute moron showing a stupid kindergarten diagram of a Bomb like a show and tell in kindergarten. Completely hilarious in front of the UN General Assembly. Obama knows Netanyahu is a snake, ingrate and a backstabber and now he and the world knows he is a war mongering buffoon. Netanyahu is the last guy Americans should listen to. The US and Israel have no credibility in any Palestine solution. Just let Netanyahu build more settlements and keep fighting the Palestinians. Iran is not a threat to the US and Netanyahu is not a US ally. He is US dependent that disrespects Our President, our donated billions, and our country by his intrusion with AIPAC money into American affairs.

RobertM1 5 hours ago

I deeply resent Netanyahu’s attempts to interfere in American elections and to bully the U.S. to fight his battles with his neighbors. He has the gall to demand that the U.S. support his “line in the sand” against Iran while Israel has an arsenal of 2-300 nuclear weapons. Not only that, but Israel receives the greatest American foreign aid handouts per capita of any nation that we support, and it’s money that they don’t even seem to need. It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog.

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