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Lawgiver Force" - Judge Dredd by Darick Robertson.

Final breakdowns and finished variant cover for Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #5, plus the 2nd Dirty Harry movie poster: Magnum Force (1973) - a major inspiration for Dredd's overall look - particularly Bolland's version!

Art from Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys)


Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™ Characters!

Gorgeous 2000AD crosshatched character sketches, from firm fan art favourite, Paul Harrison-Davies - keep ‘em coming Earthlet Paul!

  • Mutant bounty hunter, Johnny Alpha - Strontium Dog.
  • Alpha's 'norm' partner, displaced viking, Wulf Sternhammer.
  • Alpha and Sternhammer’s resident medic and sidekick, the (not-so!) timid, Gronk!
  • Teenage delinquent, Waldo ‘D.R’ Dobbs, and equally psychotic best friend…
  • Ernest Errol Quinch, the other half of D.R. & Quinch!
  • Founder and creator of Ro-Busters®, cyborg business mogul, Howard Quartz - 'Mr. Ten Per-Cent'.
  • From Mega-City One to Brit-Cit (via the planet, Verdus!), Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter always gets his droid!
  • Green-skinned genius, alien editor of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, our founder..Tharg the Mighty!
  • Alien freedom fighter, holder of the Sword Sinister, Nemesis the Warlock - “Credo!


FIGHT THE POWER! Join Johnny Alpha and the Strontium Dogs as they fight to the death in 2000 AD Prog 1867 - out TODAY in stores. DRM-free digital and in our iPad app!


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Yes, Your Honor

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Anthrax / Judge Dredd by Alex Ross


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Slaine:The Name Of The Sword-Greg Staples

Slaine has been called upon by the Earth Goddess,as her eternal champion for another mission back through the ages-and this time it’s personal!

Our Celtic hero must travel to Britain during the Norman occupation to find the Sword of the Blood God and become the new King of the Green,Robin Goodfellow.

Also present in this age is Slaine’s earthly wife Niamh,where her soul inhabits the body of a Catholic nun,Sister Marian.

Determined to save Niamh,who unbeknownst to her is being manipulated by the Blood God himself,Slaine intends to discover the secret name of the Blood God’s sword,thus negating it’s power and releasing Sister Marian from it’s malign influence.

First though,Slaine must deal with local Norman despot,Sheriff Gilbert De Mandeville,by recruiting a local coven of Pagan rebels,who tired of  daily torments at the hands of  their Norman oppressors crown Slaine,King of the Greenwood and advance on his imposing castle..

Can Slaine retrieve the Sword and learn it’s secret name and will Niamh-now Sister Marian-remember her past lives with her true love Slaine and return to her belief in the Goddess Danu?

  1. Slaine arrives in Norman-occupied Britain in search of the Sword of the Blood God.Art:Greg Staples.
  2. Sister Marian-actually Slaine’s earthly wife,Niamh in a previous incarnation has lost touch with the old ways-Greg Staples.
  3. Slaine appears to a horrified Sister Marian,in the guise of the Green Man,speaking of their eternal love-Greg Staples.
  4. Slaine encounters the unpleasant Abbot Drogo and his henchmen-Greg Staples
  5. Drogo’s men “Kiss Slaine’s Axe!”-Greg Staples
  6. Turgot and the Greenwood Coven-Greg Staples
  7. Slaine is crowned the new King of the Green,Robin Goodfellow-Greg Staples
  8. Sister Marian reads about Slaine and remembers her past lives-Greg Staples
  9. Slaine gathers the coven for an assault on the casle of Sheriff De Mandeville-Greg Staples
  10. Chop ‘Til You Drop!",cover:Prog 956-Greg Staples

Greg Staples proves he is a worthy successor to Simon Bisley and his seminal Horned God fantasy epic,with this gorgeous fully painted mini-series;

The Name Of The Sword(Progs950-56,28Jul-8Sep’95).Pat Mills(w).Greg Staples(a).

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Gorgeous Slaine pin-up from Dutch comic artist,Romano Molenaar.


Released this week in the US  and coming soon to the 2000AD Online shop is this brilliant new edition of the Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson:

Dubbed “possibly the first feminist heroine in comics”, the ground-breaking series by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson – The Ballad of Halo Jones – is now available in a new edition with an introduction by the author Clarke Award-winning novel Zoo City and The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes.

“Set in a future where the unemployed are herded into the Hoop, a floating ghetto off the coast of Manhattan, Halo is a young woman who dreams of escaping her boring life. When she gets the chance to do so aboard a luxury space cruiser as a hostess, it catapults her into an uncaring galaxy that will take her from the lap of luxury to a time-bending war of atrocity. This gorgeous new UK edition includes a brand new design-led cover by 2000 AD head designer Simon Parr.”

Get your hands on a copy now via your local comic shop or wait for it to become available in our shop,either way,don’t miss this beautiful new collection featuring the original action heroine.Until then,please enjoy this preview!



Original pencils and finished art by Kevin O’Neill from Nemesis the Warlock - Book One, from 2000 A.D. Prog 229, published by Rebellion, 9/12/1981.

it’s so pretty hard to find 2000AD’s Nemesis on tumblr it’s sad

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Sláine goes up against Norse berserkers in “Sky Chariots”(Progs352-60,21Jan-17Mar’84)with a rare Cam Kennedy cover(Prog357,25Feb’84)


Jim Cheung with an amazing piece.

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Dredd (2012).

I love this movie for its no-nonsense-one-day-in-the-life-of -Judge-Dredd-and-Co.-NO-FRAGGIN’-ORIGIN-STORY-THANK-YOU-FRAGGIN’-MUCH approach.

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Gunbarrel Dredd by mygrimmbrother

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