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Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™ Characters!

Gorgeous 2000AD crosshatched character sketches, from firm fan art favourite, Paul Harrison-Davies - keep ‘em coming Earthlet Paul!

  • Mutant bounty hunter, Johnny Alpha - Strontium Dog.
  • Alpha's 'norm' partner, displaced viking, Wulf Sternhammer.
  • Alpha and Sternhammer’s resident medic and sidekick, the (not-so!) timid, Gronk!
  • Teenage delinquent, Waldo ‘D.R’ Dobbs, and equally psychotic best friend…
  • Ernest Errol Quinch, the other half of D.R. & Quinch!
  • Founder and creator of Ro-Busters®, cyborg business mogul, Howard Quartz - 'Mr. Ten Per-Cent'.
  • From Mega-City One to Brit-Cit (via the planet, Verdus!), Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter always gets his droid!
  • Green-skinned genius, alien editor of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, our founder..Tharg the Mighty!
  • Alien freedom fighter, holder of the Sword Sinister, Nemesis the Warlock - “Credo!



World Comics:
Paul Pope
Brandon Graham
Ron Wimberly
Scott McCloud
Geof Darrow
Emma Rios
Giannis Milonogiannis
Katsuya Terada
Michael DeForge
Juanjo Guarnido

World Comics is Good Comics.

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Story by Mike Mignola
Art by Duncan Fegredo
Colors by Dave Stewart

A preview that will make your icy-cold heart melt.
Coming this October 23!

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Animal Man appreciation post

"Listen, Ellen, I’ve been doing some thinking over the last couple of months… about my Animal Man powers and stuff… and, well, I’ve come to a decision. I want to go full time into the super-hero business"

   -  Buddy Baker


Slaine:The Name Of The Sword-Greg Staples

Slaine has been called upon by the Earth Goddess,as her eternal champion for another mission back through the ages-and this time it’s personal!

Our Celtic hero must travel to Britain during the Norman occupation to find the Sword of the Blood God and become the new King of the Green,Robin Goodfellow.

Also present in this age is Slaine’s earthly wife Niamh,where her soul inhabits the body of a Catholic nun,Sister Marian.

Determined to save Niamh,who unbeknownst to her is being manipulated by the Blood God himself,Slaine intends to discover the secret name of the Blood God’s sword,thus negating it’s power and releasing Sister Marian from it’s malign influence.

First though,Slaine must deal with local Norman despot,Sheriff Gilbert De Mandeville,by recruiting a local coven of Pagan rebels,who tired of  daily torments at the hands of  their Norman oppressors crown Slaine,King of the Greenwood and advance on his imposing castle..

Can Slaine retrieve the Sword and learn it’s secret name and will Niamh-now Sister Marian-remember her past lives with her true love Slaine and return to her belief in the Goddess Danu?

  1. Slaine arrives in Norman-occupied Britain in search of the Sword of the Blood God.Art:Greg Staples.
  2. Sister Marian-actually Slaine’s earthly wife,Niamh in a previous incarnation has lost touch with the old ways-Greg Staples.
  3. Slaine appears to a horrified Sister Marian,in the guise of the Green Man,speaking of their eternal love-Greg Staples.
  4. Slaine encounters the unpleasant Abbot Drogo and his henchmen-Greg Staples
  5. Drogo’s men “Kiss Slaine’s Axe!”-Greg Staples
  6. Turgot and the Greenwood Coven-Greg Staples
  7. Slaine is crowned the new King of the Green,Robin Goodfellow-Greg Staples
  8. Sister Marian reads about Slaine and remembers her past lives-Greg Staples
  9. Slaine gathers the coven for an assault on the casle of Sheriff De Mandeville-Greg Staples
  10. Chop ‘Til You Drop!",cover:Prog 956-Greg Staples

Greg Staples proves he is a worthy successor to Simon Bisley and his seminal Horned God fantasy epic,with this gorgeous fully painted mini-series;

The Name Of The Sword(Progs950-56,28Jul-8Sep’95).Pat Mills(w).Greg Staples(a).

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Magnus, Robot Fighter #4. “Menace from the Depths” Cover art by Russ Manning. Underwater food-processing facilities are sabotaged by a robot that wants to destroy all mankind. 

Two great things about this cover. First, check out the head on that robot! It’s a “think-rob” so of course its head is huge. Second, Magnus proves to be the exception to the rule by being a male wearing a cellophane suit.

Gold Key comics ruuuuule. The old Turok: Son of Stone covers are amazing too. 

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Born On The Bayou is being dedicated to the Swamp Thing

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For Comic Reviews:

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For Movies and TV Shows:


      • Very much like above, you explain why whatever you watched is so great in 3 paragraphs of about 7 to 10 lines explaining the most positive things you did see in the movie (or series) in question regarding writing, story, visuals and casting. I’ve already reviewed a lot of Comic Movies, but there are some out there that I haven’t touched, feel free to take a crack at them so I’ll know if we see eye to eye!

For Music and Videos:


      • I post music for your ears here from time to time, If you want to share a song (or a video, or a AMV…) that you believe is great, the only requisite I ask is that it must be related to comic lore or gaming related stuff, what does this mean specifically? well you can submit that great Soundgarden song if it belongs to a Comic Movie Soundtrack!

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Fear Agent #28 // Tony Moore


2,000 DC Heroes to be included in Scribblenauts UnmaskedI don’t know if you’ve ever played Scribblenauts, but the long and short of it is these games have a huge database of objects that you can summon to solve puzzles by simply writing the word. And now you’ll have 2,000 DC Heroes at your fingertips. My first summon is going to be Big Barda and a Boom Tube, no question.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24









You know you did great when they don’t need you anymore…  


i hope you shit legos sir

I’m just gonna go sit in a corner and cry now. I will never leave my babies alone now…

Okay, I’m seriously crying my eyes out right now…..

#That’s okay, I don’t need my heart.

No but I’m actually crying right now

This isn’t funny, guys.

I’m crying now. that hurt.

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Dear followers, this is from Jerry Ordway's blog. I read this post and *shuck* it hurt. ›


I am thrilled to be well remembered, and respected in the comic book community, and to have fans willing to pay me to draw commissions, but I got into comics in order to tell stories, not to draw custom art. I still feel vital, and still want to be at that table. Do I think DC comics owes me anything? Yes and no. I understand that no company owes anything that isn’t contractually stipulated, but in my heart, I think I deserve better than being marginalized over the last 10 years. I’m not retired, I’m not financially independent. I’m a working guy with a family, working for a flat page rate that hasn’t changed substantially since 1995. I may have opportunities at smaller companies, companies that pay less per page than I made in 1988, with no royalties or ownership of any kind. I’m not at all looking down at that, but it is hard to reconcile, as I can’t work faster, and refuse to hack my work out to match the rate. I have pride in what I do, and always have. As to my part in the history of dc for the past 33 years, I was a highly visible and successful part of it, not a minor footnote.

Getting back to the beginning of this essay, and to the artists I loved as a kid, all I ask is for some of the same consideration my generation of creators and editors gave to the older guard in the 1980’s. My work is still sharp, my mind is still full of stories to tell, and I’m still willing to work all hours of my day to meet my deadlines. Why am I out of work from the publishers? Why are my friends, people who turned in great work, worthy of hardcover and trade paperback reprints, not able to get work? 

As a comic reader and customer, the publishers use our older work in collected editions, for what they call first copy royalties, no reprint fees. They publish the All Star Squadron trade, for example and you buy it for whatever the cost. My royalty is maybe a couple hundred dollars, if I’m lucky, for 11 issues worth of work. On a recent Absolute Infinite Crisis hardcover, I had 30-odd pages reprinted in there, a book that retailed for over a hundred dollars— a book that DC never even gave me a copy of, and the royalty amounted to a few dollars, I couldn’t buy a pizza on that windfall. I want to work, I don’t want to be a nostalgia act, remembered only for what I did 20, 30 years ago.

  March 05, 2013 at 02:33pm