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Benedict Cumberbatch as Morpheus
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It’s been a while since this was posted so here’s a reblog refresher so you know what I’m talking about tomorrow.


The Truth about 1986:

Superman was revamped but Zod wasn’t introduced in the issue. That was the end of the movie, Man of Steel.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1987:

  • The Justice League of America title wasn’t doing so hot and was in need of a makeover. So the current JLA who was comprised of mostly minor characters (that’s what the book says but Gypsy, Vibe, Steel, and Vixen are all major to me) against Professor Ivo. This match ended with the deaths of Gypsy and Vixen also also the current incarnation of the JLA.
  • With the old JLA gone, the new Justice League took their place. The book went a different path than grim and gritty like Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the many of imitators. This book was like a Superhero sitcom. The teams first roster included: Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Batman, Guy Gardner, Dr. Fate, Mr. Miracle, Dr. Light and Blue Beetle with Fire and Ice joining later and all backed by the manipulative Maxwell Lord.
  • On a quest to stop the terrorist Qayin, Batman made a truce with Ra’s al Ghul. During this time Batman gave into his feelings with Talia, Ra’s daughter. However when the truce ended Batman went on his way and Talia found out that she was pregnant with his son, Damian in the book Batman: Son of the Demon.
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Batman Eternal by Rafael Albuquerque


Dark Mary Marvel (DC Comics)
Make Up Artist:

Article: Ask Chris #50: The Next Best Batman Stories ›

Ask Chris #50: The Next Best Batman Stories

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"Two pieces" Demi Lovato

SupermanXWonder Woman

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 Tales of the New Gods 

Kevin McCarthy - Writing

John Paul Leon - Pencils & Inks

John Workman - Letters

Tatjana Wood - Colors

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold funny moments

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Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots

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Haunted By The Court of Owls by Jocelyn Joret

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