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Title: Letter to Hermione Artist: David Bowie 0 plays

Letter To Hermione — David Bowie

Rhymes with corny, but darned good

  January 28, 2012 at 05:22pm



A s  t h e  w o r l d  f a l l s  d o w n

I love this. I want to do this with someone :|

I find it necessary to reblog this. Yep.

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Title: Modern Love Artist: David Bowie 10 plays

Modern Love — David Bowie

awwyea. Remember this one?

  January 25, 2012 at 05:01pm
Title: Life On Mars? Artist: Seu Jorge 50 plays


Seu Jorge - Life on Mars?  (David Bowie Cover) (viazombieseatyourheartout)

Quando as coisas do coracao
Nao consegue compreender
O que a mente nao faz questao
E nem tem forcas para obedecer
Quantos sonhos ja destrui
E deixei escapar das maos
E se o futuro assim permitir
Nao pretendo viver em vao
Meu amor nao estamos sos
Tem um mundo a esperar por nos
Do infinito do ceu azul
Pode ter vida em marte
Entao vem ca
Me da a sua lingua
Entao vem
Eu quero abracar voce
Seu poder vem do sol
Minha medida
Entao vem
Vamos viver a vida
Entao vem
Se nao eu vou perder quem sou
Vou querer me mudar
Para uma Life on Mars



David Bowie with Trent Reznor- I’m Afraid of Americans.


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A s  t h e  w o r l d  f a l l s  d o w n

I love this. I want to do this with someone :|

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Artist: Queen 2,189 plays


Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie

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Instead of releasing the album version of sure-fire hit single “I’m Afraid of Americans,” he released a remix of the song by ol’ buddy Trent Reznor. Reznor basically makes the song a Nine Inch Nails track that features David Bowie on lead vocals, and in the process of doing so improves the song in every conceivable way.


The video here, is probably Bowie’s last classic video. Bowie, proving he is the only human being alive who could pull off wearing a mustard turtleneck, is chased by some sort of ghostly demon called Jonny. Jonny is played by Trent Reznor, sporting facial hair that’s even goofier than Bowie’s.

I’m being critical of this video, yeah, but it is pretty silly, and all the faux-gun-violence parts of it kind of make it seem like it Isn’t trying to be funny, that it’s trying to have a message. It doesn’t really connect in that way.

The best part is the end, where the strange parade (that seemed to walk straight from the set of this video and onto the set of Marilyn Manson’s “Coma White” video) walks by Bowie, is pretty eerie. It also serves as a great soundtrack to the best part of the song, the extended “God is an American” coda.

That part of the song seals it as more of a joke about Americanization than a kind of silly over-wrought damnation of America as a people. It’s more of a soft finger-poking at the more bloated side of our culture. Bowie, one should add (since the song is basically begging you to), is Not afraid of Americans. He’s basically been one for over a decade.

My biggest concert regret was missing Bowie’s show in Singapore. If I had caught it, I could actually say that I’d seen both him AND Trenty Rez perform this live.

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David Bowie | Space Oddity

“Space Oddity, one of the absolute classics from David Bowie, completes 42 years today. The song was recorded at TridentStudios, on June 20th, 1969. Bowie wrote the song after watching the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. The central character is Major Tom, a fictional astronaut who, after cutting communication with Earth, floating out in space. 

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Title: Rebel Rebel Artist: David Bowie 11 plays


It’s a Bowie kind of day

Title: Suffragette City Artist: David Bowie 1,435 plays



David Bowie - Suffragette City

We were suffering … until suff[e]rage…

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