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If you don’t like her, you can always make a date with Gay.

Check again with him tomorrow. As for TONITE, he is going out. With gay. Heh.


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Or not even this? 


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Bad weather in NYC delayed the Puppy 747 from flying, but the passengers were calmed by cuteness. via @cuteoverload

Cute is where it’s at
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Why Must I Dominate Everyone I Meet?

Yeah. Why indeed? I mean, there are times when I want to be the one who dominates. Y’know? *ahem* yeah, anyways

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“Okay, Joerg, I only agreed to do this for my health, okay?  I’m letting you weigh me because my doctor said to get it done, okay?  Because the doctor said, okay?  So just take my weight and write it down in my file and put that file away, okay?  Don’t show it to anyone else, okay?  I don’t need anyone knowing how much I weigh, Joerg, you got me?  You got me dude?  We cool?  We cool?  If anyone sees that number, I’ll be judged, and I don’t wanna be judged, okay?  I’m not fat.  I’m not fat.  Right?  Is that what the scale says?  What am I?  What does the scale say?  Ten kilograms?  Eleven?  Ten kilograms is average for a lemur, amirite Joerg?  Joerg?  C’mon man, tell me what it says.  What does it say?  Does it say ten kilograms?  Should I stop eating this peanut?  Should I, Joerg?  Will that help?  Are you staring at my testicles?  Are you staring at my lemur testicles, Joerg?”

(Photo of a lemur being weighed by employee Joerg Walter at the Aquarium Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany by Angelika Warmuth / AFP-Getty via the Wall St. Journal)


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There Is No More Marvel’s First Family? Yeah. Right.

Throwing a cat into a wall: Med students favorite pastime

Med students’ pastime activity 2: Drill a hole through the body of a living dead (who played Arnold Schwarzenneger’s double)

Serious business, this.

Med students favorite pastime 3: Getting strangled by back-from-the-dead father-in-law-to-be

Barbara Crampton is pretty <3

Somebody wants some head. Hooboy..

Mr. Mace, the Night watchman. Cigar in mouth? Check. Skin magz in hands? Check. Lovable smile? Check