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Julian Finn, Museum Victoria, The Malacological Society of London


Our No. 1 weirdest animal penis goes to the argonaut octopus, a type of nautilus. This tentacle animal swims around in the ocean, but while it’s busy looking for food and checking out the sights, the argonaut’s penis simply detaches itself and swims away to look for ladyparts. When scientists first encountered the disembodied penis, they thought it was a parasitic worm. It was only years later that they discovered the swimming organ was actually a zombielike sperm bomb.

The Weirdest Animal Penises

Sea dick run?

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oh my god.

Okay, this one is creepy

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am loving these

Yup, the deep sea is where it’s at  *shudder*

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Excelsior, bub!

this is adorable

Hookay. That is weird

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