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I said to the almond tree, ‘Sister, speak to me of God.’ And the almond tree blossomed.

Nikos Kazantzakis, St. Francis  (via eternalconsciousness)

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It starts with this: put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room. Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.

On Writing by Stephen King (via lifeofliterature)

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What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips.

Arabic Proverb (via zuleikha)

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What’s wrong with our children? …Adults telling children to be honest while lying and cheating. Adults telling children not to be violent while marketing and glorifying violence…I believe that adult hypocrisy is the biggest problem children face in America.

Marian Wright Edelman (Children’s Advocate)

Not just in America

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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

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The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.

Oscar Wilde (via bookmania)

How could an alphabet—letters that didn’t even mean anything by themselves—be important?

But it was important. Our stories, our names, our alphabet. Even Uncle’s newspaper.

It was all about words.

If words weren’t important, they wouldn’t try so hard to take them away.

Linda Sue Park (When My Name Was Keoko)

This was my favorite book in fourth grade! Oh heritage.

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Give me the gift to blend and bond with a friend.

Give me the brains to stay away from love.

Give me the strength to challenge my own fate.

Give me the feet to walk from this tangled state.

Rumi’s Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi (via redblackbeerback)

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Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.

Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold onto something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain.

Henry Rollins (via quotesthatheatherlikes)

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Well John, if they are not going to make a distinction between Muslims and violent extremists, why should I take the time to distinguish between decent fearful white people and racists?

Aasif Mandvi on The Daily Show (via ordinaryrevolutionary)


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Ice burn.

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Will someone give this man an award?

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1000 points.

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Such a powerful message 

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Now if you think you do have rights, one last assignment for you. Next time you’re at the computer, get on the Internet, go to Wikipedia. When you get to Wikipedia, in the search field for Wikipedia, I want you to type in “Japanese Americans 1942” and you’ll find out all about your precious fucking rights, Okay? All right. You know about it. In 1942, there were 110,000 Japanese American citizens in good standing, law-abiding people who were thrown into internment camps simply because their parents were born in the wrong country. That’s all they did wrong. They had no right to a lawyer, no right to a fair trial, no right to a jury of their peers no right to due process of any kind. The only right they had: “Right this way” into the internment camps! Just when these American citizens needed their rights the most, their government took them away! And rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away. They’re privileges. That’s all we’ve ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter. You see all, sooner or later. Sooner or later, the people in this country are gonna realize the government does not give a fuck about them! The government doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety. It simply does not give a fuck about you! It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing. Keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.

George Carlin, You Have No Rights (via coeus)

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