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In Bruges


these are just so fucking rad.

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Title: Nothingness Artist: Kayak 99 plays


Nothingness - KAYAK 

Hard days to give
More than a smile to ease the pain
The loneliness, the rain
Don’t think of me as a chord in chains

It’s me and it’s the way I live

Deep in my heart I know that it’s true
Though we’re apart and though I’ve been hurting you
Nothingness would be my life without you

There’ll come a time
When I’ll be back again to stay
Forever and a day
Oh love be sure I’ll find my way

I just close my eyes listening to this one.

Simply amazing.

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DC Artist Jerry Ordway details his experience with DC on his blog, which hasn’t been a positive one over the past decade. 

In his blog he discusses what his career has been like since he first started working at DC and what DC’s treatment of him has become, namely in not giving him any steady work and relegating him to fill-in artist which isn’t enough to keep him financially stable.

He also asks older fans to speak up to comic companies about their treatment of the many good talents that are currently idle:

Older fans need to voice their opinions, and ask the various companies why (fill in the blank) person isn’t drawing or writing comics for them anymore. If you like the Superman books enough to spend a hundred dollars on a volume, I don’t understand why your buying power can’t wake the companies up to the fact that they have a willing and able talent pool idling. 

For anyone who’s interacted with me long enough probably knows by now how much I love Jerry Ordway and especially the work that he’s done on the JSA Annual #1 in 2008, and on Infinity Inc in the 1980s. Most of all, I really love the way he draws Huntress and Power Girl and has been consistently among my top suggestions of artist to take over art duties on Worlds’ Finest. In fact, I even suggested him again a few hours ago.

At his point, getting Ordway to take over art duties following Kevin Maguire’s departure from this book is pretty much the only thing that’ll keep me buying this book despite being consistently put off by Levitz’ less than subpar/consistently cliché writing.

I know I’m not as big a blog as DC Women Kicking Ass to really signal boost Ordway (or maybe I can solicit Sue to help out), but I do ask all of you to reblog this post and get the word out.

All I ask is to help out a legendary artist who’s been working in the industry for over 30 years obtain more steady work, preferably on a monthly title. 

You can do so by reading his blog post and contacting DC Comics about why he and many other talents are MIA or out of work. I for one, will be doing my part. :)

If my words aren’t enough to persuade you, take a look at this lovely page he did for All Star Companion attached above. It features two of my favourite DC ladies I frequently blog about. :)

PS: Chuck Dixon is in the comments addressing the same problem as well.

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I laughed so HARD. So did the kids.

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Khader Adnan, detained since Dec 17, 2012 and jailed without charges by Israel. He is dying. Febr 10, 2012 protests were dedicated to him and a call for his release. Below an impression of the demos allover the West Bank and Gaza in several locations ›


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it was only a while ago i read that stressed is desserts spelled backward.

Just sayin’




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I spotted this poor lady initially on Thanksgiving Day looking for work as I was leaving the York Road Shopping Center in Baltimore ( I felt so helpless and guilty because she wasn’t asking for money, but for a steady job. It was beyond me. It was especially sad because this was someone who should be enjoying retirement, but can’t. 

The next day, I thought to take a picture of her and her sign to post it online to have her exposed to more people. When I went to find her though, she wasn’t there. 

I was in the area today, and coincidentally, there she was: Still asking for help as cars were exiting the plaza. I finally approached her and asked if I could snap a picture so I can put her ad online in the hopes that someone out there would be able to find something for her. 

So, here it is. 

If you know someone looking for a seamstress, will you please tell that person about Gail? If you yourself can help, please reach out to her. Gail can be contacted at 443-810-0561. If you can’t help, at least share this post so that someone following you can.

Thank you.

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Where’s your meat cleaver? Kujang (traditional weapon from West Java, Indonesia)

Today one year ago when I discovered tumblr.

Loving it since.

I need to reblog this.

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Title: Foolish Girl Artist: Brian Auger's Oblivion Express 0 plays


Foolish Girl - Brian Auger Oblivion Express