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TumblrMSG - Unrestricted Tumblr Messages and Asks

TumblrMSG is an application built on Tumblr’s API that connects you and all other Tumblr users by giving you a robust suite of messaging tools.

Tumblr has started to scale back the private communication options by limiting ask-box messages per hour and restricting character limits in private messages. The ask-box understandably places a strain on Tumblr’s resources and they want to focus on what they do best — giving you an amazing blogging platform.

TumblrMSG has been developed to not only give you back unrestricted messages but give you a whole host of features that Tumblr’s system never offered.

  • No per hour limitations.
  • No character limitations.
  • You can send and receive messages anonymously just like you used to.
  • You can post your responses to Tumblr just like you used to.
  • You can post your responses to Tumblr after you have responded — if you decide the Tumblrverse needs to see you witty retort, you can publish it retroactively.
  • Have conversations with followers and followees instead of asking and responding. Messages on TumblrMSG are arranged in threads so you can always refer back to the conversation’s previous context.
  • Start a thread with one or many. Bring as many Tumblrs as you like into a thread to start a group discussion.
  • Optionally add your email address so you can be alerted to new messages the same way Tumblr does.

Go to TumblrMSG now and download the Firefox or Chrome browser extension to further integrate the new messaging experience.

  • Send new messages without ever having to leave your Dashboard.
  • Send messages directly to Tumblrs you follow simply by holding your mouse over their name in a post.
  • Be alerted to new messages in real time without having to reload a page.

TumblrMSG is only as useful as the userbase it has. Over 6500 Tumblrs have started using it so far, with your help, everyone you follow it can be using it and you can stop worrying if your messages are getting through and start worrying about your next addition to the conversation.

If you’re using TumblrMSG, thank you— if I could ask that you continue your wonderful support by spread this message (and the general goodness) around Tumblr!

You’re amazing,