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Title: Stuck in the Middle With You Artist: Stealers Wheel 0 plays

Stuck in the Middle with You  - Stealers Wheel

I’m missing Gerry Rafferty today

  January 05, 2011 at 10:30am
Title: Quiet Scream Artist: Tower Of Power 0 plays

Quiet Scream - Tower of Power (1993)

This is one of those songs that make get that lump in my throat. 

Title: Moon Over Madness Artist: Gino Vannelli 10 plays

This my personal favorite. It’s creepy as hell, and the arrangement really gets to me each time I hear it. And it’s the BEST damn vampire-themed song evah….

And I’m a fan of Gino Vannelli, but that’s beside the point.

Moon Over Madness - Gino Vannelli

There she lies, a vision in the dark
Invader of my heart
Look at me, behaving like a fool possessed
Damned if I’ll be doomed
By this woman ‘neath the moon over madness

Shall I kiss the mouth, stroke the hair
Undress her - do I dare
Or bite into the vein above her heaving breast
Ah, the sun best come up soon
There’s no telling with the moon over madness

And when I see her face
The tuft of hair beneath the lace
I feel the fire of mortal men
As she draws a languorous breath
So full of life, so close to death
I’m filled with wild revenge

Shall I tear into her skin
Let the beast inside me win
I’m so uncertain
Or shall I fight my heart no more
Ease my lover to the floor
And loose my burden

What I’d give to know just what I am
A monster or a man
An angel born of Hell, or simply human flesh
One of which is in this room
Wondering ‘neath the mood over madness

Shall I tear into her skin
Let the beast inside me win
I’m so uncertain
Or shall I end this lonely war
Ease my lover to the floor
And loose my burden

Woman won’t you hold me in your arms
Before you come to harm
And take this tender love and drive it through my chest
Stike hard, do it soon
There’s no telling with the moon over madness

My madness
Over you

Title: Voyager Artist: Daft Punk 630 plays


100 of My Favorite Songs:

Daft Punk - “Voyager”

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Title: Suffragette City Artist: David Bowie 479 plays



David Bowie - Suffragette City


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Tubular Bells - The Exorcist Main Theme

totally sureal

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Music is always a commentary on society.

Frank Zappa
Title: Canto Artist: Gino Vannelli 0 plays

I just swoon


It was a rare sunny day in January. I sat on a rock, facing west, admiring the sky and the benign indifference of the
setting sun.(The Oregon coast is perfect asylum to artists brooding over solutions to career downturns, and the
uncertainties of middle life) When the show ended I heaved a sigh, and closed my eyes. The next thing I remember
was being thoroughly doused by a very cold sneaker wave. - Gino Vannelli

Guardo la notte nascere
Il cielo abbraccia il mare
Il sole saggio va
Cosi’agli occhi miei una lacrima

Perso nelle domande ancora io
Dimentico quel che so gia’
Verita’che ho in me
Cosi’ semplice

Amo percio’ vivo
Sento e allora si’ capisco
Sogno e cosi’ credo
Canto e quindi sono

Penso a quegli anni tristi
In cui la melodia taceva
Naufrago a terra a stento un po’
Di vento mi spingeva

Lo schiaffo di un onda poi di colpo
Scosse la vita nel cuore
E l’amore si risveglio’
Cosi’ semplice

Amo percio’ vivo
Sento e allora si’ capisco
Sogno e cosi’ credo
Canto e quindi sono

E adesso l’uragano
Mi da pace ed armonia
Ed anche il grido dei gabbiani
E’ dolce melodia
Come il faro nella notte
Guida navi all’orizzonte
Una stella ora brilla per meAmo percio’ vivo
Rido e cosi’ la vita e’ bella
Sogno e cosi credo
Canto e quindi sono
Che la musica viva per sempre
Con il cuore canto e quindi sonoLove or perish

Title: Love Gun Artist: Kiss 10 plays


Love Gun - Kiss

No place for hidin’ baby

No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun.”

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Title: Astronomy Domine Artist: Pink Floyd 309 plays



Astronomy Domine-Pink Floyd

Epic song. This is required listening for anyone who thinks that Pink Floyd is nothing but DSOTM and The Wall. The Floyd sound like they could move the earth like gods with this song.

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Title: La Mer Artist: Nine Inch Nails 583 plays


Nine Inch Nails — La Mer

The sea will come to kiss me.

I’m reblogging from topherchris. yeah yeah.

And the song is wicked too

Title: credits Artist: Mr. Johanning 31,723 plays


Credits pt.1 & 2 - Antichrist (by Lars Von Trier)

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Title: The Game Has Changed Artist: Daft Punk 210 plays


Daft Punk - “The Game Has Changed” (Full Version)

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Russ Allen “Back To The Future Theme (Metal version)”

This is the real fucking thing right here, people.

Russ Allen is DA shit. One of ‘em anyways

Title: Raining Blood Artist: Slayer 950 plays


Slayer - Raining Blood.

This reminds me of high school. My best friend and I would sing it out loud aaaaaaaaall the fuckin time. That guy was the shit.

Yep. High school has it.Pimple and all. Woo hoo.

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