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InjusticeFacts: In 2010 the world spent $1618 billion on weapons and destruction enough to feed 8 billion hungry human beings for a year.

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Eight U.S. soldiers charged over death of 'racially-bullied' teenage Asian-American who 'committed suicide' on duty in Afghanistan ›

  • Private Danny Chen, 19, found dead on duty in October
  • Allegedly bullied by other soldiers who hounded him
  • One of the eight soldiers accused of bullying him has a violent criminal past, it has emerged
  • Ryan Offutt served time in prison for beating and stripping former lover

  • Death: Private Danny Chen, 19, of New York, was found dead in a guard tower at Combat Outpost Palace on October 3 after apparently committing suicide

    Death: Private Danny Chen, 19, of New York, was found dead in a guard tower at Combat Outpost Palace on October 3 after apparently committing suicide


    Palestinians pray at the site of a former mosque on the West Bank after Israeli bulldozers demolished it, October 11, 2011. The Israeli army said it razed the structure—for a third time—claiming it had been built without permission in an area used for army training. Despite the land belonging to them, permits are rarely given to Palestinians by Israeli authorities resulting in the destruction of many Palestinian structures on their own soil. (Zuma Press)

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    Airstrike on Somali IDP camp kills 5,wounds 45-MSF | Reuters ›

    "I can confirm five dead and 45 wounded," Gautam Chatterjee, Head of Mission for MSF Holland in Somalia, told Reuters. "In our hospital in Marare, we received 31 children, nine women and five men. All of them of with shrapnel injuries. Out of the dead, three are children, one male and one female."

    Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel's Anti-Iran Campaign ›

    Leibowitz came to this country as a New Israel Fund (NIF) fellow to earn a US law degree in international human rights at Georgetown University. Though he completed his degree, NIF ended his affiliation with its program when the Israeli spoke at a Cambridge public event endorsing a boycott of Israel. The story made its way into the Israel press thanks to pro-Israel activists monitoring his activities here. When a mini-furor broke out both in Israel and here, NIF, showing its support for free speech, dropped Leibowitz from the program, even though he never stated that his remarks at the Massachusetts event represented NIF in any way. The NGO simply couldn’t risk the wrath of the Israeli government since all its programming in Israel might be placed in jeopardy if it irritated the authorities.

    The material published included references to Israeli diplomats briefing President-elect Obama on Operation Cast Lead while the war was being prosecuted, presumably in an effort to persuade him of the importance of continuing it, despite the pressure the incoming president was under to speak out against it. They revealed private, late-night meetings between the Israeli ambassador and a key Obama operative at which they presumably discussed how and whether the war would end in relation to the president-elect’s upcoming inauguration. Note that the war ended on January 18, and Obama was inaugurated on January 20. I’m certain this was no accident, but rather a carefully choreographed deal between the two sides. Obama never criticized the war publicly. Now we know why.

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    Report: Border Patrol abuses widespread ›


    Migrants held by the U.S. Border Patrol claim to have been exposed to sleep deprivation, death threats and psychological abuse such as blaring music with lyrics about migrants dying in the desert.
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    Hell is here, right here on earth. Tucked away in a place that can not see.
    We are blind to the true hands of satan that gradually steal food, home and life of humans, human just like us. We complain every day about things that we can have another day. They are expecting a little more than half of what you throw away.

    this can be all changed if the egos of everyone contained compassion instead of greed and selfishness. if the leaders were leaders then why are we stagnant and not being led anywhere. we can change this if we change our selves. 

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    Youngest marty on Friday May 6 in Homs, Syria. Government forces shot close range at his family’s car in Homs as they were driving around after being cooped up at home all day because of the military attacks in Homs. The father veered down another road quickly, and his five year old son said “my stomach is hurting me”. They were unable to save him. Upon reaching the hospital, his father was asked by government forces who killed his son & he said “Bashar Al Assad”. They refused to release his body until the father said it was terrorists who did it. He refused and left the hospital without his body. Eventually the body was released, and the father wasn’t allowed to attend his son’s funeral.

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    Death toll rises in Gaza-Israel violence ›

    An Israeli man has been killed in a rocket strike launched from Gaza, medics said, the latest death in three days of violence that have killed more than 30 people.

    Israeli security officials said seven other people, including two children, were wounded by more than 50 rockets fired from Gaza on Saturday.

    Israeli air strikes in Gaza continued on Saturday, seriously wounding a Palestinian man, medics said.

    Israeli aerial attacks on Gaza have killed 15 people, among them gunmen and five civilians including three children, since a deadly assault along its border killed eight Israelis on Thursday.

    A statement in Brussels from the diplomatic quartet of the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States said they remained “concerned about the unsustainable situation in Gaza as well as the risk of escalation, and calls for restraint from all sides.” (Read: while they are all on their knees sucking Israel’s dick, like good slaves that they are)

      August 21, 2011 at 12:10pm


    Pray for Gaza

    In a New Crime, Israeli Troops Kill Disabled Child in Central Gaza

    ‘On Tuesday evening, 16 August 2011, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed a Palestinian child from al-Nussairat refugee camp, who was 400 meters from the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, east of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip. The victim’s family told a PCHR field worker that their child had a mental disability. The victim was in an area that had not been explicitly declared as prohibited.

    What a BIG man you are, Israel.

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      August 21, 2011 at 09:43am

    Dr Munther Qriqe, 32, a member of Shifa hospital’s intensive care unit, was killed along with two others from the same family when an Israeli drone fired a missile at his car, medics said.Qriqe was on his way home with his brother Mutaz and his young nephew Islam, the health ministry said, charging that the attack reflected Israel’s “brutal escalation against medical staff.”“The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza has increased dramatically,” the ministry said in a statement early Saturday.“Israel has crossed a red line,” said ministry spokesman Dr Ashraf Alqudra.The health ministry called for more protection for medical staff.




    I wonder if this photo will go down in history?

    A woman jumping for her life from a burning building.

    The people rioting and anyone supporting them should take a long look at themselves. This is what you are doing. Nothing gives you the right for this sort of violence. The innocent people whose lives, homes and businesses you are destroying did NOTHING to you.

    It’s times like these when I genuinely cannot understand some humans.

    reblogging for the third time

       Those “innocent people” stood by either silently, unknowingly or apart of the system, while injustice was served to the rioters rebellion on a daily basis…those innocents did not organize or call injustice what it was and so now they pay (sorry to say) for their inaction…..

    you’re either with us or against us, huh?

    I just find the commentary surrounding the riots really fascinating. On the one hand, the global economy is a mess, and people of color and those who were already poor have been the ones most negatively impacted. Going on 3 years now, there have been predictions of riots due to the sort of extremes people are facing—extended periods of unemployment, reduced social services, etc.—and when people finally riot, the “official” response, and not merely from the government but also from the middle classes, is that it’s just “criminality” and “thuggery.”

    I find this interesting because it’s been compared to anarchist riots, which I suppose due to their whiteness and their association with an educated middle class, are given somewhat of a pass by comparison. “At least those were political.” There have been repeated statements about how this doesn’t appear to be politically motivated—there has been limited organization, no sloganeering, etc.

    But…how is this not political? Not only have there been numerous comments from the rioters about the police, but the cheering about “free stuff” and just taking things…you’ve developed a permanent underclass that for the last 3 years in particular has known nothing but privation. Taking shit? Destroying things? That’s a statement. Maybe it’s not accompanied by an eloquent, articulate philosophy, but I don’t think it needs to be.

    I’m not supporting the riots at all. However, I find the language used to describe the rioters—by the government, by the media, by the “normal” people—fascinating, because when it comes to the poor and people of color, what should be immediately understandable as a reaction to ongoing social inequality and poverty has been turned into, “It’s just a bunch of criminals.” Because that’s how they are viewed regardless.

    You left the fucking gas on in these communities for years, and you’re surprised that when you drop a match in them, everything exploded? And then you want to deny any and all responsibility for the situation by simply saying that it’s nothing more than common thuggery?

    Again, I do not condone the rioters at all, but I find the degree of denial and classism in the language coming out of this situation to be completely and totally appalling.

    What I was trying to say before… said much more eloquently. 

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