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"Two pieces" Demi Lovato

SupermanXWonder Woman

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Superman and the baby by Cinar

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What many people don’t realize is that the last third part of the movie turns into a Justice League movie.

No, we don’t see Flash (heck, make it Flashes) run around Metropolis and Smallville saving thousands and thousands and thousands of people falling victims to what surely is the greatest catastrophe that ever struck Earth after 2012. I mean, how can we? It’s The Flash (heck, make it Flashes, the whole bunch of ‘em).  

No, we don’t get to see Batman, execute attacks on other Kryptonian goons soldiers Gen. Zod brought along with him. It’s Batman. Batman operates in the dark.

We sure as hell don’t get to see Aquaman sending big army of marine creatures to help attack the Phantomwhatchoocallit pounding Earth’s Indian Ocean, and watch him cry over the deaths of countless marine lives in the process. Depicting a person crying in the water is kinda hard.

And why wouldn’t the competent film makers of Man of Steel show us Martian Manhunter using his telepathy to coordinate the movement of the members of JL? His costume.

Wonder Woman is too darn busy helping Flashes, so is GL and the rest of the crew because it is the greatest catastrophe and so on and so forth. And, this is Kryptonians we are talking about here, so it all falls on the Supes’s shoulders to do what needs done. Including snapping Zod’s neck. 

We’ll see if next time around WB will bring the other Leaguers to the fore for our viewing pleasure. 

PS: Russel Crowe really REALLY needs to stop stealing the show every time he shows off those doe eyes of his. 

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Action Comics #643-649 (1989)  Artwork by George Perez

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2,000 DC Heroes to be included in Scribblenauts UnmaskedI don’t know if you’ve ever played Scribblenauts, but the long and short of it is these games have a huge database of objects that you can summon to solve puzzles by simply writing the word. And now you’ll have 2,000 DC Heroes at your fingertips. My first summon is going to be Big Barda and a Boom Tube, no question.



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Clark Kent

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