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Do you think Supe eats the fusion/bomb/whatev and flies to outer space to save Batbruce? Notice the background music in Superman MoS trailer is similar to the music when the Bat flies with the bomb. That also explains the smoke trail Supe has in the trailer

A dear friend of mine messaged me this. I don’t know what to write back to him. I haven’t seen Superman MOS trailer (Never really like watching trailer/teaser/whatever).

What’s your take?

  August 02, 2012 at 06:08pm

I’m not afraid… I’m angry.

Bruce Wayne
  July 30, 2012 at 09:59am

awwyeah tiny Gangs of Gotham gif

  July 24, 2012 at 08:28am

Amidst the numbing cold inside the theater, the grand opening action sequence that cries “Globetrotting international border-crossing spy action-techno-thriller!”, Anne Hathaway’s terribly useless Catwoman portrayal and the said Catwoman’s like-a-puppet-on-a-string-with-marionette-with-arthritic-fingers-controlling-it unbelievable “fight” sequences, illogical plot points within the multilayered story the movie has to offer, crazy-ass car-motorcycle-trucks-choppers-Tumblers(!)-chase sequences, decent fisticuffs (still too close to the camera for my taste, but then again this is not a martial arts film), comic Bane moments, comic Bane comments, always adorable Cillian Murphy’s appearance as The Scarecrow (His cameo in The Dark Knight is hilarious), and annoying editing at times, Bane’s speech delivered with that haunting voice before the storming of Blackgate really added to the shivers. And I cannot help but nodding to some of the points. Okay, some cheesiness in that speech but overall, wheew…

How does Bane eat, tho’?

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The evolution of Dick Grayson.

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Ponerse cada día el uniforme, delicada tarea.

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Batman Forever

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Solomon Grundy by Eddy Newell

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