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Netanyahu draws line in the sand at UN ›

Nice diagram. Be sure to pay up the kid who drew it.

Oh, here are two of the responses to this:

noproblem 4 hours ago

Netanyahu is an absolute moron showing a stupid kindergarten diagram of a Bomb like a show and tell in kindergarten. Completely hilarious in front of the UN General Assembly. Obama knows Netanyahu is a snake, ingrate and a backstabber and now he and the world knows he is a war mongering buffoon. Netanyahu is the last guy Americans should listen to. The US and Israel have no credibility in any Palestine solution. Just let Netanyahu build more settlements and keep fighting the Palestinians. Iran is not a threat to the US and Netanyahu is not a US ally. He is US dependent that disrespects Our President, our donated billions, and our country by his intrusion with AIPAC money into American affairs.

RobertM1 5 hours ago

I deeply resent Netanyahu’s attempts to interfere in American elections and to bully the U.S. to fight his battles with his neighbors. He has the gall to demand that the U.S. support his “line in the sand” against Iran while Israel has an arsenal of 2-300 nuclear weapons. Not only that, but Israel receives the greatest American foreign aid handouts per capita of any nation that we support, and it’s money that they don’t even seem to need. It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog.

Israeli settler violence caught on camera - Middle East - Al Jazeera English ›

  May 22, 2012 at 04:54am

Senior IDF officer beats pro-Palestinian activist with rifle ›

I kid you not: French woman banned for failing to be a Jew ›

The young woman, Horia A., had been allowed to register normally, then board.

However, few minutes before the take off, a hostess came to the front of her seat and asked her to follow her. The hostess, having isolated the passenger in a quiet place, asked her a first question, embarrassed:

“Madam, have you got an Israeli passport?”

Horia “no”

The hostess, in her walkie-talkie, spoke with her management on the ground : “she said no”

“And now, is your religion Israel…euh…are you a Jew ?”

Horia : « No »

The hostess speaking in her walkie-talkie: “also no”

During the next minutes, Horia could observed discussions between the AirFrance staff, comings and goings, before the hostess confirmed that Horia was forbidden to fly, and mentioned “a very complicated situation”

Horia had the wisdom to obtain the report, signed by the AirFrance employee, who is an accomplice because of these twisted actions by management.

Here is the document (Horia and the employee name have been erased)

Bribing Israel ›

The bully came to Washington. The American president told him in no uncertain terms that the United States would not support a military attack on Iran at this moment. The bully met with 13,000 of his U.S. supporters in an effort to pressure the White House. It didn’t work. The bully went home empty-handed.

This is the conventional news analysis of Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington, his discussion with President Barack Obama, his speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and his consequent loss of face. Many elements of this analysis are true. So, for instance, it’s certainly true that the Israeli hawk failed to convince the Obama administration to green-light an attack during the so-called zone of immunity before Iran achieves its putative desire of membership in the nuclear club. It’s certainly true that Netanyahu’s hard-line speech on Iran quite nearly brought down the house at the AIPAC shindig, where the audience included more than half the members of Congress. And finally, the Obama administration did indeed hold to its position of “diplomacy backed by pressure.” 

For many observers, Obama has gone at least a pawn up in the intricate chess game with Israel. The president “established a position his critics may find hard to assail,” concludedThe Guardian’s Chris McGeal. “He forced those many members of Congress and beyond who have conflated America’s interests with Israel’s on to the back foot by saying that on Iran there are differences — and he will serve U.S. interests first.” James Fallows in The Atlanticagreed: “The question is whether this tone genuinely buys Obama more time and freedom of action, rather than constraining his next decisions. I am betting we will look back on this as a chessmaster move. I am hoping that, too.”

These paragraphs read as tho’ US (government) has finally grown some balls (crawling out of their number-two-bully-slave-mentality US administrations have been showing) but then

But this story of Obama the diplomat standing up to Netanyahu the bully omits some important information. During Netanyahu’s visit, the Obama administrationreportedly offeredIsrael a package of advanced military technology, including bunker-busting bombs and long-range refueling planes, as long as it postponed any attacks on Iran until 2013. In other words, Obama wasn’t only buying time, he was bribing Israel to prevent the kind of October surprise — or even July surprise — that might derail his reelection bid. And he was doing so with precisely the weapons that Israel could use to execute an attack on Iran.

Bribery is deeply embedded in the U.S.-Israeli relationship. Half of all U.S. overseas military assistance, after all, goes to Israel. That’s $3 billion a year. And it will continue to rise every year until 2017, thanks to an agreement worked out under the Bush administration. And military assistance to Israel is unlike assistance to other countries in quality as well as quantity. “Israel’s $3 billion is put almost immediately into an interest-bearing account with the Federal Reserve Bank,” explains Walter Pincus in the Washington Post. “The interest, collected by Israel on its military aid balance, is used to pay down debt from earlier Israeli non-guaranteed loans from the United States. Another unique aspect of the assistance package is that about 25 percent of it can be used to buy arms from Israeli companies. No other country has that privilege.”

Your tax money.

Let’s conclude with one last observation about Israel, North Korea, and the role of bribery in U.S. foreign policy. The right wing here has been up in arms over the Obama administration’s recent deal with North Korea in which the latter has promised a moratorium on missile and nuclear tests as well as on its uranium enrichment program. As part of the deal, though technically not a quid pro quo, the United States will provide 240,000 metric tons of nutritional assistance. The opponents of this deft display of diplomacy are aghast …at what? Feeding hungry children and pregnant mothers? “Four separate international nutritional assessments in 2011 found chronic malnutrition that, according to the UN, affects one in three children under five,” I write in Beyond the Golden Couples of Pyongyang. “Pyongyang has been unable to wean itself from dependence on Beijing’s food and energy assistance, and, out of necessity, has negotiated lopsided deals with China over access to mineral wealth and ports.”

For its part, North Korea has offered U.S. negotiators a significant threat reduction. The bribery of Israel, meanwhile, consists of guns, not butter: more weapons to add to the disgraceful arms race in the region. And what we get in return is a dubious pledge that Israel will not attack Iran for the next 12 months. Since such an attack would benefit from the element of surprise, Israel might simply be lulling Iran into complacency. Yes, of course, I support virtually any diplomatic initiative that prevents a cataclysmic war. But honestly, when it comes to bribing Israel, we should at least be demanding our money’s worth — no unilateral military strikes, no illegal settlements, no human rights abuses — or else, as China has occasionally threatened to do with North Korea, we simply turn off the tap.

And Netanyahu is pushing for war on Iran, with American government eagerly nodding (such wonderful slaves American administration is)

  March 09, 2012 at 01:55am

The Bully, The Beauty and The Beast ›

Last year, the US Republican leadership invited Netanyahu to speak to both houses of Congress around the time of the AIPAC conference, reportedly to pre-empt a president’s initiative to break the deadlock in the ”peace process” with the Palestinians.

This clear cut case of helping a foreign leader to undermine the US president is permissible only when it come to Israel, thanks to its lobby, AIPAC and company.

You might recall the comment by the New York Times widely read columnist Thomas Friedman:

"I sure hope that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, understands that the standing ovation he got in Congress this year was not for his politics. That ovation was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby." 

Be that as it may, the most Americanised among Israel’s leaders, Netanyahu has enough chutzpah (read audacity or rudeness) to lecture the US president on the merits of security and shortcomings of peace in the Middle East.

And in an election year, the bullying of a US politician takes on a whole new dimension.

As the convention’s promotional material puts it, it would take six months for talking points at AIPACs to become draft legislation in the US Congress.

Face it, America. You are Israel’s slaves


Palestinians pray at the site of a former mosque on the West Bank after Israeli bulldozers demolished it, October 11, 2011. The Israeli army said it razed the structure—for a third time—claiming it had been built without permission in an area used for army training. Despite the land belonging to them, permits are rarely given to Palestinians by Israeli authorities resulting in the destruction of many Palestinian structures on their own soil. (Zuma Press)

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Canadians face two months of incarceration in Israel without trial ›

To avoid this, the judge told them, they must sign a statement that they entered Israel ‘voluntarily’ and ‘illegally’ despite being violently kidnapped from international waters and taken to Israel against their will while trying to reach Gaza. While a handful of Freedom Waves to Gaza participants have been deported – including Canadian Karen DeVito – 18 activists and journalists have now been in Israeli prison for 5 days with no end in sight. DeVito is available for interviews.

The world’s bully, NAZI Israel, again peeing on the world.


8-year-old Palestinian girl shot in the face by the IDF with a rubber bullet.

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It took mere 28 days after 9/11 before the first wave of American troops landed on Afghanistan.

Great intel. As if they knew already.

For some former Guantanamo detainees, present bleaker than past - The Washington Post ›

“This individual has been determined to pose no threat to the United States Armed Forces or its interests in Afghanistan,” reads the April 2005 release document, which includes a squiggle of a signature and the initials of a sergeant first class. “This certificate has no bearing on any future misconduct.”

The government of the U.S. of A, writing your life for you.

The words are of little consolation to Shahzada as he struggles to rebuild a life he says is in ruins, in a nation he views as worse off than a decade ago when U.S. troops swooped in, promising to rebuild, secure and transform Afghanistan.

“I am worried for my life,” Shahzada, who is about 50, said while sitting on the floor of a spartan living room in Kabul, clutching a string of crimson worry beads. “They destroyed my life, and they made me dishonorable.”

Before the hijacking of four commercial airliners prompted the United States to deploy troops and warplanes here, Shahzada, a father of six, looked after a vineyard in Dand, a village in southern Kandahar province, the birthplace of the Taliban.

In the 1980s, he was among the Afghans who took up arms to expel the Russians. After the Soviets left and the Taliban movement established a new government, he said that he sought to keep to himself.

I cried.